How to use App


  • Apple iPhone 6 or higher(iOS9 or higher)
  • Android version 6.0 or higher (Bluetooth 4.0 or higher)

Sign up


  1. Tap "START" button
  2. Set your mobile phone number, your name and password
  3. Enter received pass-code for SMS authentication

Receiving Door-Key


App will be able to unlock the door after getting Door-key from Key-owner,

  1. After sign-up, tel your Key-owner your "user name" and "phone number".
  2. When Key-owner make you a new user, App will receive Push notification.
  3. Tap "Settings" > "Receiving new E-key" on App.

Key List

Tapping the button, the key detail is shown.(Local time in Japan)

  • Please recognize when you can use this key.
  • If your Key-owner change the key settings, your key may be changed or deleted automatically.

Unlock the door(Bluetooth)


Key Mode > Tap the button to unlock the door.

  1. First time, Verikey controller will register your mobile phone as key.It may take about 5second or more.(Success: short three buzzer)
  2. The time for unlock will be very short from next time.
  3. As old version of Verikey controller, you need 2 tap the app button to unlock at only first time.
Failure Unlock via Bluetooth
  • Check the Bluetooth settings: iPhone Settings > Bluetooth ON / Android > settings > Bluetooth ON.
  • Check the Bluetooth is available: see OS Bluetooth settings and scanning some device.If no device is detected, Bluetooth may be stopping.Turning Off & On the Bluetooth switch or rebooting mobile phone may improve the Bluetooth
  • If the Key is not available because of its schedule, you can recognize the information: App > Key List > door button.