How to use App

About App Verikey

This App can unlock the doors for SmartLock Verikey.

After receiving the Electronic Key from Verikey-owner, you can unlock the door via Bluetooth.

Compatible SmartPhones

  • Apple iPhone 4s or higher(iOS9 or higher)
  • Android version 6.0 or higher (Bluetooth4.0 or higher)

Sign up

  1. Tap the Sign up button on top view.
  2. Register user name / user ID / password.
  3. Register your mobile phone number that can receive one-time PassCode by SMS.This phone number is needed your country code. (e.g. +12345678....)
  4. Verify your phone number using the PassCode.
  • Your user name will be recognized by Key-owner.
  • If your smartphone don't receive PassCode by SMS, please check your mobile carrier or other settings.

Receiving Door-Key


App will be able to unlock the door after receiving the door-key from Key-owner,

  1. Inform Key-owner your user name and phone number.
  2. When Key-owner makes you a new user, your will receive Push notification on App.
  3. Receive this Key form Settings > Receiving new E-key on App.

 Key Mode:Unlocking doors with Keys
 Key List:The list of all keys you have
 Settings:App and your account settings

Key List

Tapping the door button shows the key details.

  • Please recognize when you can use this key (Local time in Japan).
  • If the Key-owner changes Key settings, your key will be changed or deleted automatically.

Unlock the door(Bluetooth)


Key Mode > Tap the button to unlock the door.

  1. First time, Verikey controller will register your mobile phone as an electronic key.It may take about 5 second or more.(Success: short buzzer 3 times)
  2. After This registration, you can unlock the door more quickly.
  3. As old version of Verikey controller, you may need one more tap the app button to unlock the door after the registration.
Failure Unlock via Bluetooth
  • Check the Bluetooth settings: iPhone Settings > Bluetooth ON / Android > settings > Bluetooth ON.
  • Check the Bluetooth is available: see OS Bluetooth settings and scanning some device.If no device is detected, Bluetooth may be stopping.Turning Off & On the Bluetooth switch or rebooting mobile phone may improve the Bluetooth connection.
  • If the Key is not available because of its schedule, you can recognize the information: App > Key List > door button.